April 2009

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I recently received an email with a question about being able to Waterski on Lake McQueeney:


I was looking at a few of the houses on Lake McQueeney.  Can you tell me how big that lake is?  Is it bigger or smaller than Somerville?  Do people water ski on that lake?  Or is it more of a river that people fish on?


Lake McQueeney and the other area lakes (Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, Meadow Lake) are very waterski friendly. In fact, Lake McQueeney has been referred to as the “Waterski Capital of Texas”. These chain of lakes are all sections of the Guadalupe River which makes them “River Like” which is very good for keeping the water calm for several reasons.

  1. On a windy day Canyon Lake or Somerville get “blown out” making skiing