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I recently received an email with a question about being able to Waterski on Lake McQueeney:


I was looking at a few of the houses on Lake McQueeney.  Can you tell me how big that lake is?  Is it bigger or smaller than Somerville?  Do people water ski on that lake?  Or is it more of a river that people fish on?


Lake McQueeney and the other area lakes (Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, Meadow Lake) are very waterski friendly. In fact, Lake McQueeney has been referred to as the “Waterski Capital of Texas”. These chain of lakes are all sections of the Guadalupe River which makes them “River Like” which is very good for keeping the water calm for several reasons.

  1. On a windy day Canyon Lake or Somerville get “blown out” making skiing

There has never been a better time to purchase a lake house/waterfront property.

  1. Interest rates are at 30 year lows (see graph below..) You can now afford more for less.
  2. Lakefront real estate on these small lakes is limited (Lake Dunlap, Lake McQueeney, Lake Placid, & Meadow Lake).  Supply and Demand: When there is little supply the demand for Lakefront Real Estate will rise causing prices to rise.
  3. Sellers are negotiating: The economy had made it tough on some sellers and some of them need out, which means great deals for buyers.

The way I see it:

  • Put your money in the stock market and pray the stock market goes up all while getting no enjoyment out of your investment.
  • Buy a lake house and actually enjoy your investment as

I was watching Good Morning America (GMA) when a segment on Real Estate Video Tours came on.  According to the report, people stay at a Real Estate website 78% longer if there is a video.  Video Tours are the real estate marketing tool of the future currently be used by very few agents.  Click play below to see a video tour I recently produced which helped me get this Lake Placid lake house under contract in less than a week.  As I have always said in listing appointments, “If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is worth 10,000.” 

Example of a video tour I did for a Lake Placid Texas home for sale:



The Real Estate market is different, today, as most folks would agree.  When the topic of real estate comes up in a conversation, people seem to put too much trust in the news media.  Once people find out that my profession is in the real estate industry, they tend to have a pity look on their face.   I have to convince them to not feel sorry for me, especially since I am having record-breaking production months right now!  The waterfront market is moving and moving quickly for several reasons:

  1. With interest rates at a 30+/- year low, people are able to afford more of a house for less money.
  2. Banks are lending to people with good credit and with 2 year job/income history
  3. Sellers are negotiating.  I represent many buyers (and Sellers).  What has

Some of you have heard the rumors and others have seen the construction along IH35.  The Courtyard Marriot is adding a hotel and retail center/restaurants on Lake Dunlap (a section of the Guadalupe River).  I contacted a representative from the Courtyard Marriot to find out what the plans are.  They stated that nothing was set in stone but the picture below will give you the current rough plans for the project. 

This addition will bring much more attention to Lake Dunlap just as the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge has brought attention to Lake McQueeney (also a section of the Guadalupe River).  Soon people on Lake Dunlap will have the luxury of grabbing a bite to eat with friends and family on the lake without the hassle of putting the boat up since the project


It is finally here!  The Meadow Lake Video tour! Enjoy the tour from the bottom dam to the furthest “ski-able” point (about 4 miles). 

Most people have heard of the popular waterskiing lakes including Lake McQueeney, Lake Placid, and Lake Dunlap.  But most people have never heard of Meadow Lake (Lake Nolte).  If they have, they usually think that you cannot ski on it.  That is why I produced this video.   

Wakeboarders in the video (in the order they appear) are: Hunter Croan, Ian, and Calyton Caraway.  Enjoy the Video.


I have had a lot of people ask me lately about Meadow Lake, so here is another question and answer Blog:


Hunter this doesn’t look very wide.  Can you run a boat, ski and fish on Meadow Lake? How long  or how big is it?


Meadow Lake (also known as Lake Nolte) is smaller than the other area lakes (Lake McQueeney, Lake Dunlap, and Lake Placid) but not by much.  For example, Lake Placid has a capacity of 2624 acre-feet and the pond area is 248 acres and Meadow Lake has a capacity of 1550 acre-feet and the pond area is 153 acres.  I know that is hard to visualize so I went and took a few photos of the lake from the waterfront of my house, see below (sorry it was raining at the time).  This lake does get narrow in spots but there is


I recently received the a question in regard to Lake McQueeney Vs. Lake Placid. Take a look at the email below and my response. Please feel free to ask me any questions about any of the area lakes.

The email:
I am looking into lakehouses and have a couple of questions ~ is Lake Placid a constant level lake? Also, can you buy gas on Lake Placid? I like McQueeney but am finding it very expensive. Thanks in advance for your help.

My response:
Lake McQueeney is one of the most popular lakes in the area and is know for its social scene (see previous post on the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge) which has driven up Lake McQueeney Real Estate values. Lake Placid is a very similar lake. It is only a mile shorter than Lake McQueeney. The fact that Lake McQueeney is more