3 Important Levers That Will Help You Quickly Sell a Lake house in Texas

Posted by Hunter Croan on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 at 9:08pm.

The magnificent lakes of Central Texas offer an experience like no other. Thanks to the tremendous views, exciting activities, and tranquil settings, it’s no wonder that waterfront real estate in Texas is getting more popular every day. However, not everyone selling a Texas lake house knows how to make it work to their advantage.

Some waterfront houses sit on the market for months, while others get sold at a higher-than-expected price in just a few days. So, what factors can make selling Texas lake home real estate the fastest and most successful process possible?

Besides the help of an experienced Texas lake house agent, the answer lies in three crucial levers: the product, the price, and the promotion. Read on to learn how to pull these levers effectively to sell your lake house as fast as possible, and with the best price possible.


Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to is the product itself: in this case, your house. Most owners spend a lot of time thinking about their pricing and promotion strategies, though, and they overlook the many possibilities that their house represents. 

Let’s consider a few tricks to make the house as attractive as possible.


Staging your house makes it more appealing to buyers. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors Research Group, most buyers’ agents think buyers are more likely to consider a home if it’s properly prepared.

So, how can you stage your house to get the maximum value? Here are some basic examples of staging:

  • Repainting and decorating your walls
  • Cleaning every part of the house
  • Removing or concealing highly personal items
  • Renting out furniture that accentuates the character of the house

While you can do some of these things independently, you should consider hiring a professional to help you out. Experienced agents  know the best tricks and tips to make your lake house stand out on the market. They will also have the best contacts for stages, contractors, etc.


The exterior is usually the first thing potential buyers notice when they visit your property. Taking care of it creates a significantly better initial experience and adds to the value of your house. 

Landscaping includes:

  • Trimming your trees and bushes
  • Planting new flowers and trees
  • Installing exciting new features such as a patio, fire pit, or pool


If your house is prepared and ready to welcome the first potential buyers, it’s time to think through the promotion that it needs. 

Promotion is the step in the process when your real estate agent can really shine. The promotion stage includes all kinds of marketing, including attractive photos and videos, a digital presence, and more. 

You will want to:

Make sure your buyer finds you

The chances of selling your property fast depend highly on how effectively you can find your potential buyers. Professional agents are usually in contact with many people looking to purchase a property just like yours. For example, as of 1/26/23, The Lakefront Group has 10,699 waterfront buyers in their system. Besides their own websites, agents also know the best places to promote your house, providing you with the largest pool of potential buyers.

Create the right video 

Some buyers like to experience what your house looks like in the most realistic way possible before seeing it in person. Others might not be able to show up in person the day the property is listed. A video created with professional tools can quickly make them feel more confident in their interest in the home. We at The Lakefront Group have sold several houses sight unseen by out of town/state buyers because of our videos. Take a look at our current listings for an example of these amazing videos. 

Choose the most suitable photo

Choosing the right cover photo for your listing is more important than it seems. The initial photo is the first thing that buyers look at when they see your property on a website. An excellent first impression can make them want to learn more about your house, while a lousy photo may scare them away. Plus, the first image is the thumbnail used on most (if not all) real estate websites to entice a potential buyer to click on that listing.  If it stinks, they will not click on it. A lake house has two fronts, a road front and a lake front.  Which one do buyers care about? At The Lakefront Group, you do not have to scroll to picture number 37 to see the first picture of the lake.  


As obvious as it may seem, you can’t overlook the impact of a great pricing strategy when it comes to selling a lake house in Texas fast. Setting the right price for your house requires a great deal of knowledge about the market, though, as well as excellent timing. 

For example, sometimes sellers or agents may be tempted to list the price as high as possible upfront, and in some cases, that may be a great strategy. But in other cases, it might not be the best move. Perhaps, in your case, it would make more sense to lessen the price at first and get it in front of the right buyers to ultimately lead to a higher sales price.

Of course, no pricing strategy fits all scenarios. It’s your real estate agent’s job to adapt to the conditions of the market and your needs. The perfect price for your property will depend on a host of factors. Be careful NOT to pick your agent based on the price they say they can sell the house for but rather pick them for their marketing.  Many agents know that sellers tend to list with the agent that tells them the highest price.  That agent's goal is to “sign the house” to get the buyer leads off the listing when they know it will not sell at that price. Our goal is to sell listings, not collect them.  Plus many homes that start above market value end up selling below market value.  

Get Professional Help with Selling Your Texas Lakehouse 

Using product, promotion, and price levers professionally can really make a difference when it comes to selling your waterfront home fast.  Finding the right Texas lake house realtor is crucial to succeeding.

If you want to make the most out of your house sale, The Lakefront Group is here to help. Our years of experience mean we know the market inside and out, and we know how to sell your lake house quickly and with the proper price tag. Get in touch with us today.

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