February 2009

Found 2 blog entries for February 2009.

I was watching Good Morning America (GMA) when a segment on Real Estate Video Tours came on.  According to the report, people stay at a Real Estate website 78% longer if there is a video.  Video Tours are the real estate marketing tool of the future currently be used by very few agents.  Click play below to see a video tour I recently produced which helped me get this Lake Placid lake house under contract in less than a week.  As I have always said in listing appointments, “If a picture is worth a 1000 words then a video is worth 10,000.” 

Example of a video tour I did for a Lake Placid Texas home for sale:



The Real Estate market is different, today, as most folks would agree.  When the topic of real estate comes up in a conversation, people seem to put too much trust in the news media.  Once people find out that my profession is in the real estate industry, they tend to have a pity look on their face.   I have to convince them to not feel sorry for me, especially since I am having record-breaking production months right now!  The waterfront market is moving and moving quickly for several reasons:

  1. With interest rates at a 30+/- year low, people are able to afford more of a house for less money.
  2. Banks are lending to people with good credit and with 2 year job/income history
  3. Sellers are negotiating.  I represent many buyers (and Sellers).  What has