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The Lakefront Group was incredibly blessed to be chosen to partner up with Griffith Ford and Texas Malibu.  This partnership is just one example of how we strive to create relationships that further enhance our clients buying or selling experience.

As you can see, we truly do have a passion for the lakefront lifestyle. For the buyers we represent, this “Lakefront Lifestyle” truly is what we are selling.  The lake house/property is a byproduct of selling the lifestyle we love and live.   For sellers, they love how we go beyond selling just the brick and mortar, by selling the lifelong memories that will be created.  At times, our marketing includes pictures and video of people enjoying the lake lifestyle! We hope you like the video...   


Unique Valuations: It is often the case that the dirt a waterfront home sits on is worth as much, if not more than, the home itself. Understanding the value of the land based on location and desirability, as well as the extent of any waterfront improvements, can cause a substantial swing in the value of a property. It is most often the case that self-represented buyers, or those who are using a non-waterfront agent who don’t understand these details, will overpay for a property thinking they have “stolen” a home because of a percentage off the list price they negotiated.  They may also take a pass on a potentially good investment for lack of the same understanding.

Knowledge of Floodplains and Floodways: How do you find out if a home


BIG NEWS! Hunter is appearing once again on HGTV! Two years ago he was contacted to do a show called Lakefront Bargain Hunt, and it was a great success. Well, Hunter was called back again to make a second appearance on a new series called Lakefront Bargain Hunt: Renovation.  This episode is the series premiere of the show!!

You will not want to miss this! So make plans to tune in on Saturday, April 15th at 8pm Central Time. Hunter will be with his clients Jeremy and Teresa Baggett helping them make their dreams of living on the lake come true without breaking the bank. After finding just the right lake house, the Baggett's will transform it to a relaxing lakefront getaway with the help of LoneStar Home Solutions. Which lake will they purchase on: Lake


Wakesurfing Lake McQueeney

 Since March 22, 2006 GBRA has had a regulation that prohibited wakesurfing.  With the rise in popularity of wakesurfing over the past few years, many questioned this regulation/rule.  There was a petition started in the summer of 2015 by a local wakesurfing enthusiast, Caleb Cloud, to allow ALL recreational boating activities on all GBRA lakes.  This petition had 490 supporters.  As of 2/10/2016 I am pleased to announce that this rule/regulation has officially been ruled unenforceable. While most water enthusiasts, including myself, are extremely excited about this news, I do encourage all watersport participants to be courteous to other boaters and homeowners even when the other party is not courteous in return. The actions of a few can ruin it for


Lake Dunlap had some very special visitors this past week! The Lady Hawkeyes Rowing Team from the University of Iowa were out practicing from sun up to sun down completing 164 miles in the 8 days they were here! They were given a warm welcome by those who reside on Lake Dunlap. It was exciting to see them row by and cheer them on. Many were inspired by their presence and dusted off their own kayaks and joined them in appreciating Lake Dunlap’s beauty. It really has been a gorgeous January on all of the area lakes.

The Lady Hawkeyes will be back to take on Old Dominon here on Lake Dunlap, February 18th at 8am, and again for spring practice later in March. We had the opportunity to meet one of the coaches who goes by “G”. We asked him why Lake Dunlap? He


I am excited to inform you that I was recently featured on HGTV!!! I was contacted by the HGTV team and asked if I was interested in doing an episode for their newest series called “Lakefront Bargain Hunt”—where real-life folks go in search of a lakeside retreat or vacation home at an affordable price.

I of course didn’t not hesitate as my goal is always to find my clients the lake house of their dreams without breaking the bank.

If you missed the episode you can download it from iTunes or YouTube (click on the title of the show below). It is Season 1 Episode 5:

Itunes: A Lone Star Lakehome

YouTube: A Lone Star Lakehome

You can purchase the episode using the links above or below...


A lot of potential buyers interested in Lakefront real estate contact me that have never heard of Lake McQueeney, Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, or Meadow Lake. The aerial maps of these lakes throw people off. They assume that since they look like rivers you cannot run a waterski/wakeboard boat on these lakes. Quite the opposite, these lakes are perfect for waterski and wakeboard boats under 24’. As I have mentioned on this site before, the river style of these lakes really is the perfect recipe for a great waterski/wakeboard lakes: (1) there is typically always a straight away blocked by the wind since the river/lake bends in multiple locations (2) the lakes are plenty wide enough to support multiple boats (3) on the upper part of the lakes the width of the


A few years ago, a friend and I were arguing about what are the best skiable lakes/rivers in Texas.  As well as which would be the best real estate investment.  My vote hands down are for the Central Texas Lakes including: Lake McQueeney, Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, & Meadow Lake.  His vote was the Pedernales River (upper part of Lake Travis).  I recalled this argument, when I ran across the video below of the Pedernales River from this past July during one of the worst droughts in Texas history.  Even during this record breaking drought the central Texas lakes remained at a constant level.  This video of me (Hunter Croan) wakeboarding was shot on Meadow Lake.  I could not get a helicopter so I got the next best thing which was an RC glider with an HD