January 2010

Found 2 blog entries for January 2010.

Ok, 2 post in one day… I just ran across these videos on YouTube just after I uploaded my Lake McQueeney Video Tour (see below). This is actual video from 1964-1968 of people skiing on Lake McQueeney. Compare this video with the Lake McQueeney Video Tour below and you will definitely notice the lack of houses and the unimproved waterfront on the lake in 1964. For example, when they are jumping, look at Treasure Island. Where are all the houses? It is just amazing to see the amount of development on this Lake McQueeney since 1964. There are many more lots than house regardless where they were skiing on the lake in this video. Now it is hard to find a vacant lot on Lake McQueeney. I thought there had been a significant amount of development since I first


I am often contact by people who run across my website,www.LakeHouses4Sale.net, that have never heard of Lake McQueeney, Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, or Meadow Lake (Click here for a description of the lakes including aerial maps). There is only so much you can tell from aerial maps of the lakes. For this reason I have created this video below. This video is decided to give you a quick tour of Lake McQueeney while also giving you an idea of what the the homes look like to give you a better idea of what the “true” curb appeal of Lake McQueeney Real Estate. I had previously posted a similar video awhile back before Google offered the “HQ” button. Please enjoy the video and as always please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. Take a