Why You Should Buy a Lake House with an Unimproved Waterfront

Posted by Hunter Croan on Sunday, March 24th, 2024 at 3:13pm.

When you think “lake house,” your mind probably immediately goes not to the home’s interior, but its exterior. Gorgeous waterfront views and easy access to fun and relaxation alike are a huge part of the appeal. So, why would you ever consider investing in a home without a developed waterfront ready for you to enjoy?

A Blank Canvas, Not an Incomplete Picture

Hear us out – we know that many buyers see an unimproved waterfront as an instant downside, but it could actually be a hidden gold mine.

Understandably, homes with established waterfront settings are usually more expensive than homes without them. While there is definitely some benefit to choosing a place that’s ready to go, there’s also a big downside: a lack of personalization and utility in some cases.

Growing up on Lake McQueeney, we lived in nearly every subdivision on that lake. My parents always purchased places that had existing waterfront improvements. This was nice, BUT it limited the size of the boat we could purchase due to the smaller preexisting boat houses. When I purchased my first lake house on Meadow Lake, I built my own boat house - click here for a slideshow of this build. Pulling my large wakeboard boat into this slip for the first time was an AMAZING feeling that my boat actually fit, and I didn't even have to fold down the tower!

Waterfront Development is Simple but Profitable

That all sounds great, you might think, but how much would it all cost?

Waterfront construction can seem daunting on the surface, but it’s usually pretty straightforward in practice. Waterfront improvements are one of the rare things in real estate that you can typically see a positive return on your investment. For example, A $30K boat house could add up to $50-60K in equity!

Of course, there’s still planning, time, and money involved in building your perfect waterfront. But it’s probably not as much as you’d think, and you can add significantly more value to your home than you spend. Most waterfront improvements are completed in weeks (not months).

Maybe you can’t swing a waterfront rehaul right away. That’s okay! Building things up over time can still easily add equity that could be worth twice the amount you invested. In this way, an unimproved waterfront might make a home a better investment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Create Something Special

This means that you could be missing out on something truly unique by shying away from an unimproved waterfront.

Building your own waterfront improvements allows you to add personal touches such as a beach, rope swing, jumping platform, and more! In our opinion, anything you can do to make your lake house even more special is worthwhile. When choosing a home, you can plan for this process to ensure it’s realistic for your needs and budget.

We at The Lakefront Group are here to help our clients with waterfront contractor recommendations and design ideas. We have helped hundreds of clients make their dream waterfront a reality.

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Finding your dream home isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s more than possible, especially if you’re willing to pitch in a little extra work along the way. An unimproved waterfront is nothing to be afraid of, and we urge you not to let it hold you back from pursuing a home that feels right for you. You might even want to seek it out!

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