Most Popular Water Sports on Texas Lakes

Posted by Hunter Croan on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 at 4:42am.

Real Estate on the lakes of Texas is popular for its tremendous views, private lake access from your own property, and (of course) the many water sports that people enjoy on them. If you are considering purchasing a home in the Texas lakes area, either as your permanent residence or a vacation home, you may be curious about what sort of activities you might partake in and what fun there is to be had.

There are a great many things to do on the lakes of central Texas, and we will tell you about some of the most popular water sports enjoyed by folks in this area and all the endless possibilities for enjoyment.

The Highland Lakes and The Guadalupe Lakes

Before we dive into the popular water sports on Texas lakes, let us introduce you to our favorite Texas lakes.  

The boatable Highland Lakes are among the most popular lakes in all of Texas. These lakes include Lake LBJ, Lake Mable Falls, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, Inks Lake, and Lake Buchanan 

If you are looking for more bang for your buck without losing any capabilities, we highly recommend The Guadalupe Lakes. These lakes include ­­­­­­Lake McQueeney, Lake Dunlap, Lake Placid, Meadow Lake, Lake Seguin, and Canyon Lake

Each of these lakes, and the area surrounding it, has its own charm and character, and different ones are better suited for certain water sports. For example, Lake Travis, as the largest of the lakes, could be the right choice for the boating enthusiast looking to run a larger boat, such as a houseboat or sailboat. 

Lake McQueeney, on the other hand, is a river-style lake, making it great for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and other towable sports.  It is also known as the waterski capital of Texas.  

There is no chance that you will find yourself floating around with nothing to do. Every one of these lakes offers some of the most popular watersports, and at many of them, you can do them all!

Popular Water Sports on the Highland Lakes of Texas

These are some of the water sports that are enjoyed the most often by those who live on these amazing lakes:

Motor Boating / Cruising The Lake

Motorboating is allowed on all the Guadalupe Lakes, and Highland Lakes mentioned above, and this activity is enjoyed by all ages. No one is too old or young to enjoy a little cruise around the lake! On any given day, you can see many boats filled with people enjoying the sunshine, the spray of the water, and each other’s company. 

You are almost certain to run into one of our agents out on the lake in our favorite boat: Malibu, of course! (Thank you, Texas Malibu, for all you do for us.)

Jet Skiing

The motorcycle on the water! The first purchase most of our lakefront homeowners make is a boat, followed shortly by a jetski or two. These are a fun break from the boat, and, not to mention, a pure shot of adrenaline. 

Jet skis typically hold one to three riders and achieve speeds up to 80 mph! 

Take a look at the photo below of the owner of The Lakefront Group midway in a backflip on a standup jetski. And yes, he can still do that!

Waterskiing / Wakeboarding / Wakesurfing

This year (2022) is the 100-year birthday of the sport of waterskiing. This timeless sport is enjoyed by people from one to 80 years old. 

Wakeboarding is one of our team's favorite sports on the water. In fact, Hunter Croan and Forrest Hess are both past National champions. This sport is sure to give you a real thrill, especially with the massive air that riders can get off their own boat’s wake.  

Wakesurfing at this time is probably the most popular watersport among our lakefront buyers and owners. Believe it or not, you surf behind the boat without the rope. The popularity wakesurfing comes from the easy, comfortable falls. 

Waterskiing or wakeboarding, the boat speeds exceed 20+ MPH.  At those speeds, the water can feel like concrete on a fall. Wakesurfing speeds range from 9-11 MPH. At this speed, you don’t bounce off the water, so the falls don’t hurt. The grandfather of our team's listing manager, Lacey Smith, still wakesurfs in his 80s.


Fishing is widely enjoyed anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to spend a relaxing day fishing off your own private dock or would rather rowboat out to your favorite alcove and try to catch some trophy fish, you can find what you are looking for on these Central Texas Lakes. 

Many of the lakes also offer guided fishing trips (even popular with homeowners). Trust the experts to find you the best fishing spots on the lake, and you’ll be surprised by what you find.


This is the easiest activity lakefront homeowners can enjoy in their own backyard. As our owner, Hunter Croan, states: “These lakes are your own oversized pool in your backyard that you never have to pay to have cleaned.” The social butterflies will tie up at party coves, on sandbars, or on beaches for a day of fun with fellow lake residents. 

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddleboarding 

If you like a serene approach to your time on the water, then a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard ride may be just the thing. You can truly get to know the lakes and their wildlife with this fun-filled method. Motor boats are limited to the deeper waters, but these boats are not. Find new fishing and swimming holes and learn your lake the fun way! 


Yes, you can sail on multiple lakes in Central Texas. This activity is not exclusive to the salt life. 

The most popular for sailing are the larger lakes such as Canyon Lake, Lake Travis, and Lake Buchanan

Let Lakefront Group Find Your Perfect Lakeside Home

If you like what you have heard about the Highland Lakes region and would like to find out more about the properties that are available there, talk to the experts at the Lakefront Group. We specialize in the real estate surrounding the lakes and can help you find just the right property to meet your needs.

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