River Living vs. Lake Living

Posted by Hunter Croan on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 at 6:22am.

River living or lake living? It's an argument waterfront home buyers will never stop having. It's also a question we run into quite often at The Lakefront Group, especially when helping our clients find Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake, and Lake McQueeny homes for sale.

Although both may be considered ideal ways of living, individual preference will ultimately be the deciding factor between the two. In order to make the best decision for you and your family, it's important to consider all options and work with a professional who understands the area well. Below, we explore the most important differences between river and lakefront living to give you the information you need to make an informed decision for your family.

The Best Is in the Eye of the Beholder

The truth is that "what's best for me" depends mostly on your preferences. The best lakes in Texas have beautiful waterfront properties for sale, but they might not offer the activities that interest you most. If you only prioritize the views and style of a particular property, you could end up unsatisfied when the waterfront activities don't match your expectations.

That's why it helps to know what you want before looking for a property on one of the many beautiful Texas lakes. You might have found one of the most ideal Lake McQueeny homes for sale, but do the nearby amenities fit your lifestyle? Whether you're searching for a place on Lake Austin or on the Guadalupe River, having a knowledgeable agent help you is essential for making a good choice.

Searching for Serenity

River-running services can pick you up at your house and drop you off at home or a little further upstream, letting you lazily float back to your property as you desire. You can travel as far as you want and let the river effortlessly carry you back home. As nice as lakes are, their lower flow prevents such travel.

The simplicity of floating downstream on an inner tube is hard for a lake to match. You don't need to swim or use a motorboat when the river's own current does the work for you. But because the shallow, tranquil nature of a river doesn't lend itself well to boating, some buyers may opt for lakefront living instead.

Finding a Peaceful Atmosphere

Many Lake McQueeny homes for sale are in high demand as options for river-style living, but many parts of Lake McQueeny are very busy all year round, especially due to all the waterfront activities happening there. An alternative like Meadow Lake or Lake Placid could offer a better shot at serenity.

Similarly, places like the Guadalupe River (especially River Road) and the Comal River, can get incredibly busy at various points in the year, in part because of the popularity of tubing (or "toobing," as it's known locally).

That's why location planning is the most important part of finding a magnificent property. You might be looking for Texas lake houses near somewhere like Canyon Lake, but do you know the most peaceful sections of the water? That's where consulting someone who knows the area very well becomes necessary.

Some Downsides of Both To Consider

Droughts are a fact of life in this part of Texas. Constant heat coupled with a lack of rainfall can quickly result in low water levels on lakes and rivers alike. There are waterfront properties on Lake Travis that have no water at all around them during extreme droughts however other parts of Lake Travis have water in the worst of droughts.

Now, a lake with constant water levels will definitely be a more reliable water source during a drought. Rainfall or no rainfall, you'll be able to continue your on-the-water activities just the same as long as it's a constant-level lake. On the other hand, reduced water levels may occasionally affect other lakes, which can hinder your quality of life.

The same concern holds true for rivers. Many, like the Blanco River, are under dam control. That means upstream reservoir stations regulate the ebb and flow of the river so that water levels remain comfortable. But if you live by a river without dam control, you could quickly find yourself without any water if a drought happens.

Getting Help Finding the Right Property

As you can see, there's a lot more to know about waterfront properties than you might think. Lakes or rivers that seem calm during one time of year might not always be. Some rivers have dam controls, whereas others are left to their natural rhythm. Collecting as much information as possible about your preferred properties is crucial before you make a purchase decision.

That's why working with an informed team like the Lakefront Group matters. Partnering with The Lakefront Group means partnering with a specialist in waterfront real estate who knows the area intimately and can provide important details. Contact us today to find out more.

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