What is the Best Lake to Live on in Texas

Posted by Hunter Croan on Thursday, June 27th, 2024 at 11:41am.

The best way to start this is to play out the most common conversation we have with buyers starting their lake house hunt:

Buyer: “What is the best lake to Live on in Texas?”

LFG: “What are you looking for in a lake?”

Buyer: “No, just tell me which lake is the best.”

LFG: “I can find you 10 people on each one of the 14 lakes and rivers we service that will say their lake/river is the best and that you shouldn’t consider any others. So, what are you looking for in a lake house?

At this point they get the picture.  The best lake is defined by you the buyer and no one else.  What I am looking for in a lake might not be what you are looking for in a lake.  For instance, I had a conversation with a buyer in the past that stated, “I heard Lake McQueeney is the best lake, so we want a lake house there and do not want to consider any other lakes.” They then went on to tell me their idea of a perfect lake was one with little to no boat traffic.  They want a tranquil setting. This being the case we discussed the vibe of Lake McQueeney which is opposite of what they were looking for in a lake house purchase.   Don’t get me wrong, Lake McQueeney is a GREAT lake, but it is nearly completely developed and does have quite a bit of boat traffic due to it being the water ski capital of Texas. 

Not to leave you hanging on this question, we would love to answer the question based on what you the buyer are looking for in a lake (for the 14 lakes and rivers we service):

What is the best lake in Texas to live on for wakeboarding / waterskiing?

The best waterski and wakeboard lakes are the river style lakes since they have straightaways blocked by the wind. Those lakes include:

What are the clearest lakes in Texas?

Where are the most affordable Lake Homes in Texas?

What are the best wakesurfing lakes in Texas to live on?

The deeper the lake the bigger the boats wave is.  Wakesurfers want to throw the largest wave they can.  The best lakes for wakesurfing are:

What lakes are constant level that allow waterfront improvements (boat house)?

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